The 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which affected 10 provinces, have so far killed more than 31,000 people and injured 90,000. Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan announced that 14 of his students lost their lives in the earthquake zone. Posting black and white photos of her students on her social media accounts, Prof. Dr. Özkan said, “We wish God’s mercy to the students we lost in the earthquake.


Faculty of Literature student Adil Kadyrbekov, Faculty of Education students Nazar and Ebru Erol, Serik GSS Vocational School student Aslı Sümer, Social Sciences Vocational School students Pelin Aliye Günyaşar and Nur Aslan, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences student Merve Nur Yıldız and Faculty of Sports Sciences student Ayeda Ercan died in Hatay.


Fatih Karalar, a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Ömer Taş, a student at the Faculty of Law, and Mir Berke Mutlu, a student at the Faculty of Sports Sciences, died in Adıyaman. İsmail Çakmak, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, died in Gaziantep, Birol Bozkurt, a student of the same faculty, died in Kahramanmaraş and Sıla Avcı, a student of the Faculty of Sports Sciences, died in Osmaniye.


In addition, Akdeniz University, which has been on alert in the earthquake, which is called the ‘disaster of the century’, has been carrying out aid work in the earthquake zone from the first moment. An Emergency Call Center, Earthquake Notification Form and Antalya Transportation Request Form were created to learn the situation of students living in the earthquake zone. Starting an aid campaign for the people of the region, AU has been in contact with the earthquake zone under the coordination of AFAD since the first day. The aids collected by the AU Department of Health, Culture and Sports were delivered to the earthquake zone in 3 trucks. A team of 68 people from Akdeniz University also reached the families of more than 250 students living in the region. While aid was provided in 10 provinces, more than 300 people were transferred to other cities.


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