Gazipaşa’s Güney Neighborhood Village Hall has been turned into a ‘free catering center’ and ‘Clothing Market’ by Gazipaşa District Governorate. In the village hall located on the Mersin-Antalya D-400 Highway, free food and drinks are served to earthquake victims coming to Antalya from the earthquake zone. The meals prepared with the support of the village people, the district governorship and Gazipaşa Municipality and other aid materials such as food, clothing and shoes provided by the citizens are offered to the earthquake victims.
Earthquake victims are given psychological support
Psychological counselors have been assigned to the village mansion, which is at the service of earthquake victims. Providing psychological support to the families of earthquake victims, the staff did not forget the children. They organized various activities and events to help children forget their fears. Playing games, coloring, reading books and face painting with the children, the staff are struggling hard to help children and families overcome their trauma.


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