After the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and affecting 10 provinces, earthquake victims continue to arrive in the tourism city of Antalya by air. Earthquake victims arriving in the city are transported to their destinations by free ring and taxis.

While search and rescue operations continue in the region following the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, work continues for the wounded and the citizens who were left homeless in the earthquake and faced accommodation problems. After the earthquakes that affected 10 provinces, earthquake victims who arrived in Antalya by land and air continue to be placed in hotels, public guesthouses and dormitories in the cities. Earthquake victims arriving at Antalya Airport are either welcomed by their relatives or taken to the gathering center in Dokuma by free rings and taxis. The earthquake victims whose procedures are completed here are then taken to hotels and dormitories. It was reported that the number of earthquake victims coming to the city approached 60 thousand. “When we came to the center, we understood the gravity “Samet Kaya, who came to Antalya with his relatives and caught the earthquake in Yeşilyurt, Malatya, said, “I was caught in the first earthquake in the living room. There was a shaking and we woke up. We thought it would not stop for a moment. When the shaking stopped, we went out, we went to the gas station to get gasoline. There was a long line to get fuel and we were tired. At noon, we were caught in the second earthquake again, it was very disastrous. It was stronger than the first one but shorter in duration. We ran out from the ground floor. It was chaos everywhere. We waited in a safe place for a few days. Then we came to Antalya. Suddenly we switched to a different error. When we came to the city center, we realized what happened. We were shocked. My father, a teacher, lost many of his students. When we came to the city center, we understood the severity of the event when we saw many collapsed buildings. “We held on to the bed “Kiraz Akar, an earthquake victim who came out of the airport with a big sack on her shoulder, said, “We were lying in bed at the time of the first earthquake. The furniture collapsed on us. We held on tightly to the bed. Our building did not collapse and we came out immediately. We were caught in the second earthquake at our relatives. Then we could not enter our house, we came to Antalya. There are many of our relatives who died.””We transport free of charge “Sebahattin Küçükbaşkan, President of Antalya Airport Taxi Cooperative, said that they provide service with 246 vehicles at the airport and that they transport earthquake victims to their destinations free of charge. Stating that they work under the coordination of the governorship, police and airport chief directorate, Küçükbaşkan noted that they carry out such a practice to support the earthquake victims. Taxi tradesman İsmail Ataş stated that they drop all earthquake victims to their destinations free of charge and meet their needs, if any.
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