After the earthquakes that devastated 10 provinces, especially KAHRAMANMARARAŞ and Hatay, many public institutions and private organizations launched aid campaigns. Muratpaşa Municipality in Antalya opened a ‘Free Store’ for earthquake victims coming to Antalya from the earthquake zone.

After two major earthquakes shook Turkey, many private and public institutions in Antalya launched an aid campaign for the earthquake zone. Thousands of people who supported the campaign gathered the shelter, clothing, food and beverage products they brought together in the collection centers and thousands of products were delivered to the earthquake zone. Muratpaşa Municipality, on the other hand, dispatched 12 construction equipment, 25 aid trucks and many employees to the earthquake zone.

Muratpaşa Municipality, which started a new work for earthquake victims who will come to Antalya to stay individually or collectively, established a ‘Free Store’ for earthquake victims. Clothes and shoes collected by aid lovers were separated one by one in the store according to age and product groups. The store also included products such as baby food, pacifiers, baby bottles and diapers. Earthquake victims who come to Antalya can apply to Muratpaşa Municipality through the hotel where they are staying or by their own means and buy the products they need from this store opened for earthquake victims.


Explaining that they mobilized all teams after receiving the news of the biggest earthquake in the history of the Republic, Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal reminded that earthquake victims could stay in various provinces during the earthquake, which affected 10 provinces. Mayor Uysal said, “On the one hand, people started to come to Antalya from the earthquake zone. We doubled the capacity of our soup kitchen. We have created this center in order to provide food and clothing aid and basic living supplies regularly. Maybe we will create new centers. I think we will host tens of thousands of people from the region. Both our work in Antalya and our work in the earthquake zone will continue. It is a huge devastation. It may last for months. We should all be ready for it. We are in this work,” he said.


Mayor Ümit Uysal, who made a suggestion to those who want to donate to the store, said, “Those who call the Turunç Desk at 444 80 07 are directed. They can also come directly to our Abdullah Sevimçok Civil Society Center. We have a collection center at Metin Nuran Çakallıklı High School. Here, the products are regularly sorted according to age groups. On the one hand, these products will be given to earthquake victims, on the other hand, we are establishing a system to collect new products. The same activity will be carried out both here and in our other collection centers. We have a big tent next door. We will probably have to put it into operation there as well. Our work will continue,” he said.
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