Antalya Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade teams, who went to the region after the earthquakes that affected 10 provinces centered in KAHRAMANMARAS, rescued 79 people alive from under the rubble.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade teams, who went to the region after the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes that caused destruction in 10 provinces centered in Kahramanmaraş, participated in search and rescue operations in Hatay and Kahramanmaraş. The teams rescued 79 people from the rubble, sometimes digging soil with their hands and sometimes entering places where it was said ‘how can one person fit in here’. Sometimes the teams pulled 4 people out of the rubble one after the other in an hour, sometimes they struggled for a day to pull one person out alive, and they hugged and congratulated each other after each life they managed to pull out.


The teams, who continue to help those waiting to be rescued by sleeping for a few hours in shifts next to the rubble, warming up in the fire they lit among the rubble, taking a break for a cup of tea, sometimes adopted a bird in a cage they found in the rubble they entered and kept it alive. The fire brigade teams of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality won the hearts of the people of Hatay with their successful work in the region. Remziye Güngören, who is waiting for her relatives to be pulled out of the rubble, thanked the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade and said, “They have been here for a week, working hard. They have done such good work here that I thank them very much,” she said.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration General Directorate (ASAT) teams have also been the biggest supporters of search and rescue teams. ASAT personnel, who located more than 70 people under the collapse in Hatay with acoustic seismic devices used to find leakages in drinking water lines, became the voice of the earthquake victims and the ears of the rescue teams. Working in coordination with the rescue teams in the region, 12 ASAT teams conducted sensitive listening in collapsed buildings. The disaster victims, whose locations were determined by sensitive devices, were extracted by search and rescue teams.


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