By producing the products used in landscaping in its own workshops, the Metropolitan Municipality saved the municipal budget a total of 61 million liras in 4 years.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department saved a total of 61 million liras between 2019 and 2022 by producing the products and materials used in parks and landscaping in its own workshops.
The Metropolitan Municipality produces the grass it needs at the Roll Grass Production Facility built on an area of 30 thousand square meters. The facility produces Zoysia and St. Augustine grasses that consume less water and are resistant to drought. It uses the grass produced at the facility in green areas. The Metropolitan Municipality also produced 27 million seasonal flowers, shrub-shaped plants and grass seedlings between 2019 and 2022 at its plant production facilities in Gürsu and Hurma.
The Drought Landscaping Project, initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality against the danger of drought caused by climate change, saves water and energy. Launched in the city center and later expanded to the districts, the environmentalist project uses colored tree bark and colored stones instead of grass for landscaping. The project saves 50 percent on water and electricity and up to 33 percent on pesticides and fertilizers.
The Parks and Gardens Department produces the urban furniture it needs in its own workshops. In the workshops, maintenance and repair of idle and old products are also carried out and put back into the service of the public. In 4 years, 2831 benches, 1828 picnic tables and 526 camellias were produced in the workshop.


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